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Installing Door Bells & Locks

Reliable Doorbell And Lock Installation Services in Scottsdale, AZ

Intelligent Casa is a locally owned and operated company, having certified professionals offering customized automation solutions to your office and home spaces. We are family-owned and being in the business since 2000, which makes us prominent and efficient in our work domain. If you plan to add a doorbell or lock to your space for security, hire us for our Professional Doorbell and Lock Installation in Scottsdale AZ. A doorbell is a great way to add security to your home. Installing both wired and digital doorbells requires a professional electrician, and we are here to help. We discuss with clients the type and size of bells they want and the bells and locks they should go for. They are always amazed by our service beyond their expectations.

An Extra Layer Of Protection For Your Property

Do you have a front door that is just too easy to get into? Perhaps you live in a complex or an apartment building where every door has to be keyed to secure it? We give you the best recommendation that would fit your budget and style. In addition to doorbells and locks, we also carry home security and keyless entry systems. Our experienced installers can help you choose the right security system for your needs and offer Professional Doorbell and Lock Installation in Scottsdale AZ. Many people choose these doorbells and lock systems over security systems because they’re easier and more affordable to install.

Alert Notification To Ensure Security

Selection of the right activation method is important, and our expert technicians do it best while delivering top-notch Professional Doorbell and Lock Installation in Scottsdale AZ. Our skilled professionals have the modern technique and knowledgeable mindset to suggest and inform you about the process’s comprehensive details. We prefer installing doorbells and locks with cameras and audio capabilities, so you can see who’s arriving at your house and listen in on their conversation without getting up from bed. The fancy doorbells send alert notifications when someone presses the button on the doorbell or arrives at the gate. We also prefer to install doorbells and locks that require a code or PIN to be entered before activation. To schedule our service, give us a call now!

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